NCOALink® processing from Experian Data Quality

The National Change of Address (NCOALink®) database, is a data file containing over 160 million change-of-address records that have been submitted to the USPS® via a change of address form (COA®) for processing in the last 48 months.

NCOA® processing from Experian Data Quality validates each name and address in your data file. Once address information is validated, each name and address is matched against the NCOALink® database. This database contains change of address data gathered from the USPS® on individuals, families and businesses that are moving. If a match is made against the NCOALink® file, we will update the information with the current address.

NCOA® processing from Experian Data Quality:

  • Leverages the last 48 months of change of address records
  • Meets move update requirements to qualify for Standard and First-Class Mail® discounts
  • Increases the number of deliverable mailing addresses in your file

The results from mail tests show that mail deliverability increases by 400% when using the NCOALink® processing compared to address cleaning alone.