Customer data verification for retail and order management

Customer data verification helps retailers achieve a single customer view and execute more customer-centric strategies. Incorrect data entry leads to inaccurate customer analysis, duplicate customer records, and returned mail. Retailers who prioritize customer data verification at the point of capture reduce the occurrence of these issues and increase results within larger, strategic initiatives.

Customer data errors are prevalent across all channels. Errors may result from a misunderstanding, a mistyping, or even a fraudulent attempt. Customer data verification works seamlessly within each retailer’s workflow. Validation occurs during the data entry process so that customers are prompted to resolve any incorrect or incomplete information before the order is finalized and the customer engagement is lost.

Implementing customer data verification into your data quality strategy will:

  • Enhance customer profiling and targeting efforts
  • Enable more relevant marketing and loyalty programs
  • Reduce operational costs and staff inefficiencies

Customer data validation helps retailers achieve a single customer view and execute more customer-centric strategies. Retailers implement contact data validation across multiple channels, including:

  • Email acquisition at point of sale
  • Data capture for call centers
  • Address entry at checkout

Solution Benefit
Address verification Address verification reduces returned mail, streamlines operations, enhances customer profiling and improves targeted marketing efforts.
Email verification Email verification ensures deliverability and inbox placement and enhances email campaign performance.
Duplicate identification Duplicate identification software ensures that retailers maintain a single customer view despite disparate databases, customer data errors, or other factors.
Data enhancement Individualized consumer insight is available for retailers who prioritize real-time analysis for customer intelligence, marketing offers, and website advertisements.

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