Phone validation

Verify phone numbers in real-time

Despite the rise of digital channels, the phone number remains an important data asset for quickly and efficiently reaching your prospects and customers.

However, recent regulations have increased the necessity of obtaining valid phone numbers, as well as distinguishing between mobile and landline. Those that do not comply will not only suffer from poor customer satisfaction, but non-compliers could also find themselves with hefty fines and lawsuits. Phone number validation is the best way to make sure you stay in compliance.

To mitigate the risks associated with violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), we offer a robust, real-time phone validation solution that determines whether you are collecting an accurate phone number. In addition, our phone validator identifies if the number is mobile or landline, which is critical for ensuring compliance with TCPA.

Phone validation is a powerful tool that allows you to fully tap into the potential of telemarketing and mobile marketing.

Benefits of using phone validator software:

  • Cleanse phone numbers at point of entry before they enter your database
  • Improve telemarketing campaign performance
  • Reach more prospects with SMS and mobile marketing
  • Maintain compliance and mitigate risks associated with violations

Did you know...

Common data errors plague 91% of organizations?

Phone verification from Experian Data Quality offers industry-leading accuracy and performance. With the ability to instantly identify and verify phone numbers within a database, this phone number validation solution was built to help you comply with relevant regulations.

  • Accuracy: Real-time tool that sources data from over 200 telecommunications and cable providers
  • Phone type identification: Determines if a telephone number is a landline or mobile number, allowing you to properly approach your telemarketing and SMS campaigns
  • Reverse phone append: Leverages collected phone numbers by appending corresponding names and addresses, enhancing any CRM or database

  • Customizable: Flexible phone number verification service options to fit within any environment
  • Security: Phone data is protected by Experian, a global leader in data privacy and security. With 24/7 monitoring, this is a highly secure hosted platform that you can trust.
  • Support: In-house resources dedicated to help you with every step of implementation

The phone validation solution is easy to use and highly customizable to fit your needs. We offer multiple deployment methods to suit any environment:

  • Real-time API: This SOAP-based web service is an ideal option for directly integrating phone verification into a website or web-based application.
  • Phone validation implementation guide QAS Phone implementation guide

  • Batch hygiene: Phone numbers can be validated in bulk on an automated basis. Phone lists can be uploaded to a secure FTP website on a recurring basis and call on our phone verification API to perform the bulk clean.

Do you have a database of phone numbers that you would like to know the quality of?

We offer a free data quality report that allows you to:

  • See the percentage of invalid phone numbers in your database
  • Identify the percentage of mobile phone numbers versus landlines.

You simply upload you data file containing the phone numbers, and we will process your data and send you a comprehensive data quality report from our phone verification service. This allows you to check the quality of phone numbers before purchasing a phone validation service. You can choose to interpret the results of your report yourself or we can provide you with a data quality consultant to walk through your results.

After you have reviewed your report you can decide to purchase the fully validated list.

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