Data matching and deduplication

Identify duplicate records in real-time

Contact data is growing at an exponential rate every day. More information is being collected now than ever before.

However, in order to gain a holistic view of a customer (i.e. single customer view), you need to connect data across all channels and systems.

Experian Data Quality understands how challenging it is to analyze and discover linkages within your customer data. For this reason, we built a data matching and deduplication solution that does the hard work for you.

We offer data matching software that discovers intelligent links among your customer records. By finding connections between data elements, the tool quickly removes all duplicates from your database.

This software operates through a powerful matching engine that retrieves records regardless of keyboard errors, missing words, extra words, nicknames, or multicultural name variations.

Its robust architecture allows for customization of matching criteria, searching techniques, integration approaches, phonetic algorithms, rule sets, and more.

See how data matching and deduplication through merge purge makes sense of your data and creates a 360-degree view of your database.

Did you know...

Duplicate data is the top data quality problem for 30% of organizations?

Benefits of data matching software:

  • Improves operational efficiency and reduce time spent manually de-duping contacts
  • Creates a single customer view and ensure the accuracy of your data
  • Combines data from numerous disparate sources into one errorless record within your database
  • Improves business intelligence and customer profiling capabilities

Data matching software from Experian Data Quality offers industry-leading speed, reliability and ease of use. With the ability to provide fast and accurate matches on multiple fields within a database, this matching solution was built with its end users in mind.

  • Accuracy: Unparalleled search and matching for data fields such as name, address, company, date of birth, social security number, and more. In addition to handling different types of data, this tool analyzes and compares information in various formats and from disparate sources.
  • Advanced matching: Solution uses a fuzzy matching and multicultural intelligence engine to find similarities within personal and business data sets. Unlike other products that look for exact matches, we use multiple search algorithms in order to find the most matches possible regardless of exact spelling or sequencing.
  • Customizable: Seamlessly integrates into any CRM or database, making it a perfect solution for any company struggling to keep their data clean and up to date.
  • Security: Data is protected by Experian, a global leader in data privacy and security. With 24/7 monitoring, this is a highly secure hosted platform that you can trust.
  • Support: In-house resources dedicated to help you with every step of implementation.

The data matching and deduplication solution is on-premise software that is easy to use and highly customizable to fit your needs.

It integrates into your applications and databases to instantly determine if a new record is a duplicate through the use of our fuzzy searching and matching functionality. It also includes a powerful customization tool that helps the user build out custom rule bases and fine-tune searching parameters to match specific needs. As each new record is searched upon, the functionality is automatically invoked, resulting in an immediate decision regarding the duplicate status and matching score.

Data matching technical sheet NameSearch techical PDF

Additionally, the software also includes a fast performance batch-processing engine that is used for duplicate identification and merge/purge operations.

Our service easily integrates into many platforms including Microsoft Windows (XP, Windows 7, 2003, Server 2008), Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-Unix, and AIX. It also integrates with SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and other commercially available database systems. In addition, data deduplication comes with a set of SDKs that enable applications to call the software from programming environments such as Java, ASP.NET, C#, C/C++ and DB2.

Do you have a CRM or database that you think has duplicate contacts?

We offer a free data quality report that allows you to see the percentage of duplicate contacts that exist within you database before buying a deduplication tool. You can upload a list of contacts (either a sample or your whole database) and we will process your file and tell you the percentage of duplicate contacts that exists.

You can interpret the report yourself, or we can provide you with a data quality expert to assist you. After you have looked over your results, you can purchase the full report, which specifies the exact entries which have been flagged as duplicates. This allos you to see the effectiveness of our merge purge software.

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