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Back-end email cleansing software

Experian Data Quality batch email cleansing service allows email address lists to be validated on an ad hoc basis depending on your need or preference. Experian Data Quality will process your file and provide a summary of the results. Cleaning your email data will check the accuracy of your list prior to a large campaign and ensure messages reach the intended audience quickly and efficiently.

Email validation will improve email list quality by identifying whether an email address is valid and deliverable. With industry leading technology within a secure Experian environment, organizations can be confident in the protection of their data.

Business benefits of email cleansing:

  • Improve overall email marketing performance
  • Reduce resources needed to correct invalid data
  • Maintain sender reputation with Internet Service Providers

Experian Data Quality email cleansing can be purchased online and used as needed. Credits can be purchased and must be used within one year.

Back-end email cleansing should be done in addition to real time email capture within a call center, at the point of sale or online. Verifying emails is an important step in an organization's contact data quality strategy.

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