Data enhancement

Append visitor and customer data in real-time

No matter the channel, when it comes to targeting your customers, relevancy and personalization are critical. However, it is challenging to fully understand your target segments in order to provide custom offers and tailored experiences.

Enriching your data with data enhancement service is the most effective way to fill missing gaps. By leveraging Experian's ConsumerViewSM database, we offer real-time data enhancement solutions that can append an extensive list of demographic and attitudinal elements.

These data appending solutions are designed to provide insights into your web visitors, prospects and customers. For tracking visitors, we offer geolocation software called VisitorIQ that appends information based on the user's IP address. Based on the individual's location, VisitorIQ provides demographic data, auto market statistics, consumer lifestyle segments (i.e. Mosaic USA®) and more in less than a second.

VisitorIQ is the perfect tool for understanding unknown web traffic, so you can better target and convert these visitors into leads.

On the other hand, if you need more clarity on your conversions and how to turn leads into customers then ProspectIQ is the solution for you. It works by verifying the data you are collecting on web forms such as name, phone, address and email. After the verification process, the software appends information based on the address data and can return over 900 data attributes.

Did you know...

94% of organizations use third party data to enhance their database?

The possibilities are endless. Experian Data Quality's enhancement solutions and geolocation software can append demographic, behavioral, household, life event, geographic information and more. With a wide array of data at your fingertips, VisitorIQ and ProspectIQ are powerful technologies that boost any marketing program.

Benefits of data enhancement and data append services:

  • Enables individualized consumer insights in real time
  • Augments your contact records for missing or unknown data points
  • Enhances customer profiling and segmentation capabilities
  • Improves targeted communications, significantly increasing conversions and customer engagement

Data enhancement from Experian Data Quality offers unprecedented data appending options, including reverse email append capabilities. With the ability to rapidly provide extensive attributes on any contact within your database, this software was built to be powerful and dependable.

  • Flexible: A fully configurable turn-key solution with a flexible feature set that gives you highly customizable options
  • Extensive data elements: More than 900 data elements available that leverage Experian's ConsumerViewSM database, the nation's largest repository of consumer marketing data
  • Geolocation: Append data based on IP address to better understand and target visitors that aren't converting
  • Security: Your data is protected by Experian, a global leader in data privacy and security; with 24/7 monitoring, this is a trusted, highly secure hosted platform
  • Support: in-house resources dedicated to help you with every step of implementation.

Our data append solutions and IP location service are easy-to-use and highly customizable to fit your needs. ProspectIQ and VisitorIQ are available through the following deployment method:

  • Real-time API: Our SOAP-based web service integrates into any internal or external facing application. The implementation process is streamlined, and we can provide sample code for our data enhancement service with common classes, such as C# and Java.

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