Experian Data Quality North American leadership

The senior leadership at Experian Data Quality is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. The Experian Data Quality leadership team brings a wide range of expertise from each of their fields which has helped to make Experian Data Quality a key player in data quality and data management.

Thomas Schutz - SVP, General Manager

Photo of Thomas Schutz

As General Manager of Experian Data Quality North America, Thomas Schutz serves as the company's top executive for all strategic business decisions in the United States and Canada. Tom is focused on helping organizations proactively manage the quality of their data through world-class validation, matching, enrichment and profiling capabilities to better enable intelligent customer interactions and decision making. Tom has executed positive business revenue growth since taking over management in 2010 and has been published in numerous publications discussing business data quality.

Jonathan Hulford-Funnell - Group Operating Officer

Photo of Jonathan Hulford-Funnell

Jonathan 'Jonno' Hulford-Funnel is the Group Operating Officer for the global Experian Data Quality business, responsible for global strategic direction and operations. He worked with his management team to grow the company's core proposition to deliver valuable software that takes advantage of the growing data quality space.

Jonno joined the Experian Group as part of the QAS acquisition in 2004 whilst being based out in Boston. Alongside his position with Experian Data Quality, Jonno is also the Managing Director for Marketing Services EMEA, represented in four core countries: France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

FY14 saw the creation and deployment of key priorities within the core countries with focus divided into 6 simple initiatives: Superior Sales & Marketing Execution / Relentless Client Focus / Analytics / Market Expansion / Talent / Rigorous Country Execution - all helping to combine towards the global '1 EMS' Value proposition.

Jonno has contributed to Experian's overall culture change program. He's actively driven several successful acquisitions and is known for taking on the difficult challenges in business. In June 2012 he completed London Business School's Senior Executive Program.