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The data quality market is constantly changing, with new innovations emerging and best practices developing on a regular basis. In order to stay up-to-date on this ever-evolving market, this section is meant to provide you with data quality news, statistics and opinions. Use these data quality statistics to better understand the industry and find new ways improve your organization’s data accuracy.

Data quality has different meanings and implications for various businesses and industries. Within this section, news and trends are broken down by industry and/or theme, such as data management. Explore the data quality market and learn why a clean database is important to your business.

Data quality news

  • View the latest updates on data quality trends and applications. The news covers a variety of businesses and organizational functions, so be sure to take a look and find out what is going on in your industry.


  • Ever wonder how many companies struggle with contact data quality? View these Experian Data Quality research statistics to find out industry perceptions and practices around data quality.


  • Want to learn about data quality quickly and easily? View these fun infographics that display the latest data quality statistics.

Data quality blog

  • Read about data quality trends and tips from the Experian Data Quality team. Staff members chronicle news and guidelines from our experiences with data quality and our customers.