Data quality infographics from Experian Data Quality

Learn more about data quality with these fun, easy-to-read infographics!

Where's Dana?

Finding your best customers is challenging, yet necessary for getting started in personalization.

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Interactive international address infographic?

Who's an international address expert?

All addresses are not created equal. See how different countries have unique postal standards.

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Dark side of deliverability

Find out email marketers' top challenges for reaching the inbox.

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Anatomy of email marketing

Learn why list hygiene is critical to the health of your email marketing program.

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Count down to customer centricity

See how to capitalize on your data and why 2014 is the year of customer-centricity.

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The state of data quality

Discover what causes data quality issues, how prevalent they are, and what dangerous side effects they often have.

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The building blocks of customer satisfaction

Accurate data is the foundation to top-notch customer service. Learn how your data quality strategy impacts the call center experience.

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'Twas the month before the holidays

Enter this holiday season confident that you have clean contact data.

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Monsters in Your Email List

Monsters in your email list

Email is the most important marketing channel in 2013, see what bad data is lurking in your email lists.

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Unlock the power of data

Assemble a team, make a plan and follow these steps to unlock the power of your data.

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The finer points of HIE

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) improve patient contact data. Learn what happens before, during and after an HIE.

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Building a single customer view

Building a single customer view starts with accurate data. Learn how an efficient data quality program can increase the value of your existing customer data.

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Enrich your data in real-time

Learn the benefits that data enhancement can have on your marketing strategy, customer experience and brand loyalty.

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Multi-channel customer experience

Learn more about the multi-channel customer experience and how being present on every channel will lead to happier, more engaged customers.

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Knock out dirty data

Read about the impact of dirty data and what businesses can do to defeat poor data management, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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