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Integration options

Experian Data Quality software is easy to install and can integrate with virtually any software and platform combination.

The most basic installation mode, "standalone," works well for small-scale call centers and data entry operations. All Experian Data Quality software can work in this mode except QAS Pro Web, which is typically coded into public-facing websites. Standalone mode is the quickest route to get companies up and running and is sufficient for many of our smaller customers.

For more ambitious projects, we offer Experian Data Quality in Client/Server mode, or even as an application programmer's interface (API) for seamless integration into any database system.

We also offer an increasingly popular integration option that utilizes our new 'AutoInvoke' technology. This allows anyone to integrate QAS Pro into various environments without the need to program APIs or alter application source code.

Client/Server mode

We recommend this structure for our larger customers. This enables many computers or 'thin clients' on a network to verify addresses quickly and efficiently by placing the bulky data file on the server and enabling individual computers to query the data through the network. This is also a smart option for companies where users frequently switch computers.

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Address verification API

This is a popular option that enables Experian Data Quality software to be seamlessly integrated into a customer's current database or CRM system. The API presents the Experian Data Quality functionality in deconstructed form, allowing IT personnel to integrate fully with the company's database system. In many cases, users may not even realize they are using an additional program to verify addresses.

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Experian Data Quality Bureau Services

We now offer bureau services, allowing you to take advantage of our technical consultants to help solve smaller or more urgent data quality problems. These services will suit Experian Data Quality customers who are unhappy with their incumbent data quality services provider or those looking to clean smaller volumes of data. Alternatively, if you are looking for a quick data quality fix without making a full Experian Data Quality software installation or purchase then our bureau services may also be right for you.

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Web services best practices

It is important to minimize customer drop-off from e-commerce websites during the buying process. The process of making a web service friendly and easy-to-use for the customer is called best practices-meaning web designers begin with the users' experience of the site and make certain that no behind-the-scenes processes interfere with the users' pleasant experience. Experian Data Quality employs best practices in its Pro Web and integrates with websites without changing the look or feel of the majority of sites.

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