Contact data management solutions from Experian Data Quality - ensure contact data quality through address verification, email verification and data enhancement.

Address verification

Reduce mailing costs and eliminate returned packages with our address and ZIP Code validation solutions.

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Email verification

Send more emails, improve sender reputation and increase marketing campaign performance with our email validation software.

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Contact data quality

Achieve one single view of your customer by cleansing, standardizing and enhancing your customer data with our proven solutions.

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About Us

Experian Data Quality is a leading provider of data quality software. We deliver tools that cleanse, standardize and enhance your customer data.

Contact data mangement solutions from Experian Data Quality include address verification, email verification, phone verification, data matching and deduplication, and data enhancement.

Data management software is critical for ensuring data quality in your organization. Experian Data Quality is a leader in address validation, a data verification service that utilizes the latest USPS® data. It verifies a physical address at point of collection, allowing only accurate, standardized data to enter into your database. Data cleaning services are available for batch files through automated or manual processing. Experian Data Quality also has pre-configured integrations for leading CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

Experian Data quality offers a wide range of address verification services, including global data sets for over 200 different countries. Learn more about international address verification.

Email validation should be a key part of your data cleansing strategy. Our real-time data verification tool processes email addresses as they are entered into any web-based form, e-commerce shopping cart, POS system or CRM. It works by identifying incorrect, undeliverable or harmful emails. Email validation can also work on the back-end as a data scrubbing tool by cleaning any existing email lists. This ensures that you have ongoing success with deliverability and email campaign performance. Learn more about the health of your emial list with our free data quality report!

Beyond address and email validation, Experian Data Quality has additional customer data management solutions, including phone validation, deduplication and enrichment tools.

Phone validation is a data verification service that identifies whether you are collecting accurate, valid phone numbers. It also detects if the phone number is a landline or mobile, ensuring you remain compliant with TCPA. This solution is perfect for your business data quality needs.

In addition to contact verification (e.g. address, email, phone), Experian Data Quality has linkage and enrichment capabilities, ensuring data quality within any organization. We provide duplicate identification and data matching software, which standardizes and consolidates disparate data.

Lastly, every data cleansing strategy should include data appends. Experian Data Quality has robust enrichment technology that appends based off an IP address in real time. More than 900 data attributes can be returned. Data append is useful for filling in missing gaps, as well as augmenting any data within your existing systems.

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